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Welcome to the Boccali Vineyards wine club information page.  This space is where we will post
information on wine club shipments and also answer some of your commonly asked questions.

Wine Club Shipments will be sent out three times a year:
February, June & November

On occasion, we will wait an extra few weeks to send out a shipment in anticipation of a
new vintage or special reserve becoming available.

We will send out an email notifying you of an upcoming shipment and the date it will be available for
pickup at the wine shack.  If you are a pickup member, we will send you an additional email after 30
days, reminding you that your shipment is waiting.

Most Recent Club Shipments

November 2018
This shipment included:

2016 Grenache Blanc
2016 Cabernet
2016 Rustic Red
2016 Cabernet

June 2018
This shipment included:

2017 Valley Oak Viognier**
2014 Topa Topa Syrah**
2015 Rustic Red Blend
2014 Topa Topa Syrah**

**Indicates New Release
Did you Know?

You can log into your club membership at anytime 24/7
by clicking on the silver "
Wine Club Login" button.

When you login you will need the email address
you gave us when you signed up and your password
(you create this password the first time you log in)
Once you are logged in you can:

- change your status to one of 2 types "ship to" or
"pick Up"

- change your club type "reds only" or "mixed"

- edit your billing/payment information & shipping

- order wine online using your club discount

- send wine as a gift at your wine club discounted
price and include a complimentary gift note

- place your membership "on hold" for a shipment

- reinstate an "on hold" or canceled membership
Wine Club Members Receive:

  • Shipments of our wines three times a year (February, June & November)
  • Each shipment will include 2 bottles of our wines
  • Shipments can include newly released, limited release, and reserve wines
  • Shipments will range in price from $30-45 (plus shipping), depending on wines being sent
  • You can choose to receive red wines only, upon request.

Benefits of Membership:

  • 20% off all wine purchases made online or at our tasting room
  • 15% off all other Boccali Vineyards merchandise
  • Complimentary tasting for member and up to 2 guests
  • Your club discount will be extended to your guests, visiting the tasting room with you
Wine Club Shipments for "Pick Up" members are available at the tasting shack
Saturday & Sundays from 11am-4pm.  

If you need to set up a pick up for a time outside of these hours, please contact us to make
arrangements.  You can also call also call us at (805) 669-8688 x102.
Your Benefits as a Boccali Vineyards Wine Club Member