Welcome to Boccali Vineyards & Winery
This same rich soil, and decades of farming experience, have now
been directed at the task of cultivating and nurturing the grapes
that go into our Boccali Vineyards wines.   The quality of the soil,
and the care and attention to detail that goes into maintaining these
vineyards, can be experienced  in each glass of our lovingly
hand-crafted wines.  Our wines are made from 100% Boccali
Vineyards grapes, hand-harvested, and presented as nature
created them, with minimal human intervention.   

Partner, and fellow winemaker, Joe Boccali, is a musician and
educator in Ventura County.  He was raised in this farming
tradition, and has had a hand from an early age, in the
development of the farmland that is now home to the Boccali
Vineyards.  He acts as co-winemaker and cellar master for the
winery, and is continuing to pursue, and further expand upon his
wine-making knowledge and skills.
Boccali Vineyards & Winery is a family-owned and
Partners and winemakers, DeWayne & Joe Boccali are
the driving forces behind the label.

DeWayne & his wife Marilyn Boccali, have owned and
operated Boccali's Pizza & Pasta, a world famous
homestyle Italian restaurant located in the Ojai Valley,
for almost three decades.  Their restaurant features
traditional Italian dishes with a local twist, made from
farm-fresh produce grown on their ranch in the upper
Ojai Valley.  The rich, fertile soil of the Boccali Ranch, in
combination with DeWayne Boccali's over five decades
of farming experience, make for a bounty of flavorful,
top quality fruits and vegetables, that make thier menu
selections unique.
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